Save Meander Dam

 Niles, Ohio:
Meander Dam requires $50 million in repairs.  Who is going to pay?

Topics of everyday social intercourse around Niles, Ohio should include:

Meander Dam Evacuation Plan, Meander Dam Damage, Privatize Meander?, ODNR Incompetence, Radioactive Road Salt and Niles Annexation; until these issues are resolved.

Which Way Do We Run?

Back in 2017, three attempts were made to encourage Weathersfield Trustees and Niles City council to understand the risk to Meander Dam posed by earthquakes and the need to establish an emergency evacuation plan just in case. When those attempts failed, we distributed a flier in the Niles 4th ward explaining the problem. We did not intend to panic anyone. Well, here we are 5 years later and the conditions are getting worse and the RISK to residents of Niles and downstream Mahoning River communities is GROWING!
Back in 2019, we set an appointment with the Mayor of Niles to discuss the re-opening of the injection well that caused 108 earthquakes. The meeting was cancelled by his secretary who said he would call us back when and if he chose to. We have not heard back.
IntercourseNiles.com was born.

 Intercourse /ˈin(t)ərˌkôrs/ noun
communication or dealings between individuals or groups.
"everyday social intercourse"


Niles Electeds refuse to listen to 1 of me.
I'm thinking they will listen to bunches of you!

When it comes to Meander Dam Damage, Meander Dam Evacuation Plans and preventing the privatization of Meander Water I would like to intercourse with Niles.

As a 25 year resident of Weathersfield township, when it comes to Niles Annexation, I would like to intercourse Niles.


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Save Meander Dam
Ohio Broke It
State Incompetence
Dam Damage
Regulate Earthquakes
Who Regulates Meander?


Privatize Meander Water?
Privatize Meander Water

Help Save This Public Water Source

Niles Needs To Know
Meander Dam 
Evacuation Plan 
More Problems Intercourse Niles

They call it brine
Radioactive Road Salt

Ohio Broke It.  Ohio Can Fix It!


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