There have been many local spills, earthquakes and intentional dumpings bestowed upon the Valley from the oil and gas industry.
ALL BAD.    A full  decade of fracking disasters.  The following stories are about 12 of the worst.


Fracking Injection Well Earthquakes

Over 1,000 earthquakes have been permitted under the watch of Tom Tomastik, Grand Puba Underground Injection Control
Ohio Department of Natural Resources

ODNR Earthquake Incompetence


Damage to Meander Dam

In 2011, after 90 years of service to the Mahoning valley, Meander Dam was in need of $4 million in repairs.

After the Youngstown Northstar1 injection well 4.0 magnitude earthquake, damages rose to $28 million.

Meander Dam Damage


The Lupo Dump

8 years ago, Ohio Senate Bill 315 gave ODNR the authority to track frack waste in the state using  GPS equipment on each truck transporting toxic, radioactive frack waste.

ODNR failed to have it in time to catch Ben Lupo.
Over 1,000,000 gallons of toxic, radioactive frack waste INTENTIONALLY polluted the Mahoning River.

ODNR continues to fail all of us.  Today, there are still no GPS recorders.  Toxic brine haulers are still run-a-muck in the state.
 ODNR is actually the enabler.

Then Attorney General Mike Dewine came to town to demonstrate how tough the state is going to be on this industry.  
 Cradel to Grave Lies


Westwood Lake Nightmare

A constant Nightmare from the begining.
Deciding where to put it.
Drilling the well.
Fracking the well.
Well Completion.

This process is coming to a neighborhood near you.
("Heads Up" Full Story)


4 Frack Pads in Meanders Source Water Area of Protection

I was late in discovering the Cadle Frack pad on Blott Rd.  The Rig was in and drilling.  I could not believe this.  I called Ohio EPA and spoke with Kay Amy, who is in charge of surface water protection at Meander.  Kay told me she had no idea there was a frack pad in the Surface Water Area of Protection at Meander.  She said she would call me right back.  15 minutes later kay called to inform me that I was correct, that is a frack pad on Blott rd.  BUT she called ODNR and was told that everything in fine, Tom Tomastic at ODNR has been working on that well for months.
Tom Tomastik is in charge of Underground Injection Control (UIC),
why is toxic Tom  permitting frack pads?
How screwed up is it that Kay Amy had to learn of this from me?
Meander Hose Video  


Cracked Well Casing in Meanders Surface Water Area of Protection

ODNR incompetence is shocking!

According to Ohio Revised Code 1509.35 (the section that is devoted to Oil and Gas), the ODNR inspector must be on site during the cementing of the casing.  This is the most important step in protecting our ground water. 
At the Cadle frack well at Meander, the pressure gauge on the cement pump was not operational.  The pump operator had no idea what pressure he was pumping, with the ODNR inspector on scene.  "They" the pump operator and the inspector  exceeded the burst pressure of the pipe creating a 20" split.
How did they fix it?
Cement right over it.

ODNR Emails

Part 2


The first earthquake caused by fracking in the USA happened in Poland, Ohio.*

The Youngstown-Warren regional shale zone had suffered over 1,000 earthquakes to this point, from injection wells.
This is new.
The fracking process causes earthquakes.

Would it be safe to think that the geology in north east Ohio is unsuitable for any fracking or injection wells?

*We thought it was the first.  Wrong.  There were earthquakes caused at a fracking site in south eastern Ohio just a few weeks prior and ODNR failed to tell anyone.  So, Poland was actually the second.


KDA Injection Well Spill Vienna, Ohio

Vienna Ohio receives half of its water from Meander, and the other half thru groundwater.
Both sources have been compromised.
KDA Vienna Spill

How many acts of incompetence must the valley suffer until ODNR gets it right?

I fear many more to come.

Full Story Coming in the Meander Dam Intercourser.


The Sulfur Run "Diesel Fuel" Spill

At the same time that the massive KDA injection well spill in Vienna, A diesel fuel spill was reported at the pilot fuel plaza.  Assuming it was diesel fuel, and OEPA is the best at cleaning this up, I stayed in Vienna at the big spill.

Was it diesel fuel?
Yes, some of it.
Frack Waste was never ruled out.
OEPA Report

I presented this as a lecture at YSU at Dr. Rays Lecture Series.  I am not a pro, but here it is. 

Complete Story Coming in The Meander Dam Intercourser


Cracked Casing Avalon1H frack well in Vienna
ODNR inspector not on site!

The law was broken, and so was the casing.

The operator hooked up the wrong hose. This industry said they could not hire local workers because locals could not pass the drug test.

What state was the "wrong hose" operator from and was he drug tested after this incident?

Full report and story coming n The Meander Dam Intercourser


10 Ballot Initiatives Defeated in Youngstown

Who really won?
If a frack pad had been drilled in Youngstown, the Community Bill of Rights would have been passed by a landslide, once the voters see this monster in their neighborhoods.

We kept it on the ballot until they went away.
10 times!

FrackFree Mahoning Valley spent about $5,000 of donated money on each election.
Oil and gas spent $75,000 on each election to defeat us.

In the 10 years and 10 defeated elections, there have been NO frack pads or injection wells drilled in Youngstown. Not 1.

To: Youngstown
From: FrackFree Mahoning Valley

Full Story Coming in The Meander Dam Intercourser


Niles City Council Passes Community Bill of Rights
Banning fracking in the city.
2 weeks later, they rescind it.

Niles city council had it right for 2 weeks.
Niles was 1 of only 2 cities in the state that was safe from shale gas production because of a community bill of rights.

Then, one fateful, (not faithful) Sunday, council was persuaded to rescind the ordinance the following Tuesday.

The Tuesday council meeting was packed with paid union pipe fitters claiming the CBOR will cost them jobs.
Council rescinded the Community Bill Of Rights.

The citizens of Niles got hosed by the pipe fitters and now find themselves in harms way.
Niles Community Bill of Rights
(as rescinded)


Ohio Brine Law

Toxic, radioactive frack waste is expensive to dispose of, about $1,800 per tanker.

They say they can clean it up so we can spread it on our roads for deicer and purchase a jar to take home to sprinkle on our steps.

(Are you buying it?)


Ohio Senate Bill 33 punishes protesting oil and gas sites a felony!

Full story comming in
The Meander Dam Intercourser



The oil and gas industry has donated riot gear to police departments all over the county.  All the protective gear plus rubber bullets, tear gas, Tasers, and who knows what else.

Environmental activism has never had a single problem with any law enforcement agency in the entire valley.  We have always been treated with the respect the constitution affords us, and we have responded in kind. Besides, most of us are old.  Non lethal weapons will kill us.  Why would they ever have to be used?

Dam Music Videos


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