The Beiersdorfer
 Induced Seismicity Activity Center

Seismometers are required at injection well sites in Ohio and other states where induced seismicity may be an issue.
These seismometers are owned by the injection well companies, which means they own the data, which they do not share with the public. Here, the helicorders and raw data are made public.  Here, students, teachers, homeowners, scientists, electeds ... the people have access to the raw data, which can be analyzed by free AmiSeis software. 

This network honors the memory of
Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer, 1956 - 2018 (VIDEO)

We need help in maintaining this system.  If you would like to help out with this very important service, please contact us.


A Great Start

Our initial network consists of 7 very sensitive Infiltec QM-4.5 20Hz seismometers connected to a dedicated laptop computer which can record for many years. These seismometers may sense rumblings down to 1.0 magnitude and they are positioned close enough to the injection wells to detect it. They are sensitive to detect a 1.5 magnitude earthquake at a distance of 10km. A 1.6 magnitude should be detected at 20km.  

These seismometers can not only detect a
C-130 landing at the airport, reverse engines were also detected.  
C-130 Landing at Airport 


Meander Dam Citizen Science Seismic Network

Our current system consists of 4 seismometers on location and 3 complete seismometers ready to go when needed.  The locations and specs are listed below.

The Goal of this volunteer organization is to place and maintain all 7 seismometers in the network AND set them to upload in real time to the internet where Anyone can access the raw data at any time.

Not all BOOMS are fireworks, shotguns or whatever may come from the Ravenna Arsenal.


MDOH  Meander Dam
(Weathersfield Township)

This 20HZ seismometer is positioned 1 mile from Meander Dam.  It will detect 1.3 magnitude earthquakes from the AWMS injection well in Weathersfield Township and 1.5 from the Northstar1 injection well in Youngstown.
AWMS Injection Well Summary Card
Northstar1 Injection Well Summary Card

This seismometer is positioned to sense the earthquake shock waves that effect Meander Dam, detecting 1.5 magnitude earthquakes 7 miles away and a 1.7 magnitude at 28 miles away.

What effect will thousands of small earthquakes have on Meander Dam?   I am sure we don't want to find out.

This is an ODNR science experiment we should not be subject to.


Brookfield Township Ohio

This 20HZ seismometer is positioned within 1000' of the Highland Services injection well "compound".  (#5 Well Summary Card)  ODNR (PERMIT #5) There are 5 deep injection wells planned for one single location.

As of 6/27/19,  Well #4 has been drilled and injection. Well #5 has been drilled and the permit to inject has been granted.

In January and February many loud BOOMS were heard.  ODNR claims it was shotguns.  The people living there disagree.  The seismometer was installed in March.  No booms have been reported since. 

This was the most irresponsible permitting by ODNR that I have ever seen!  
And then...Coitsville.


Hubbard Township Ohio

This 20HZ seismometer is positioned within 1000' of the Northstar-NexLev  injection well 5.  
(Well summary card)  ODNR PERMIT not yet published to website. Original well cancelled, but then sold to another operator who intends to build and open an injection well here.

As of 6/27/19, this well may be many months away.  A huge advantage Hubbard Township has going is that they are recording seismic data on a 20HZ seismometer in real time now.  This seismometer will record what is normal seismic activity.  This may prevent the state claiming otherwise a year from now.

This seismometer is 6.25 miles from the Northstar Collins injection well in Coitsville.  This well has had issues from the start, and it's location may forever cause worries for the valley.  
Northstar Collins
Well Summary Card


North Lima, Ohio

This 20Hz Infiltek seismometer is positioned 3000' from the
Northstar-Lucky SWIW #12,  at a private location.  This well is a high volume injection well.  This injection well has yet to produce any problems that we have  discovered.   YET.
Northstar Lucky SWIW #12  Well Summary Card     
Northstar Lucky #12   PERMIT

This is our southern most seismometer.


Coitsville, Ohio
***** NOT INSTALLED *****

This 20HZ seismometer is positioned within 1000' of the Northstar-Collins SWIW #13 (Well Summary Card) ODNR (PERMIT)  

As of 6/27/19,  this has been drilled and built.  They will soon apply for the permit to inject.  Sometime within 30 days that permit is issued, injection will begin. Well #5 has been drilled and the permit to inject has been granted.

This well is positioned 7.3 miles SE of the Northstar1 injection well in Youngstown and may well be injecting close to if not directly in the same fault. 

ODNR Did not even follow their own advise!

A Work In Progress!

We have 4 stations in place recording good raw data.

We hope to have the raw data live streamed to the IRIS National network or it's own website so EVERYONE can have instant access to the helicorders.

The raw data will be sent to everyone on the team so it may be analyzed by anyone who wishes to, ammature or expert.  
Free training tools for those that want to learn seismology.

Join this Team


Step 1:
Get the Facts.

When a boom or shake is reported, you will need to know the time it happened and general location.


Step 2:
Go to the


Highlight the helicorder line 5 minutes before and after the time you suspect a quake.

Copy this highlighted section - automatically becomes a .sac file.


Step 3:
Open Jamaseis

Using the Amaseis or Jamaseis FREE programs, open the .sac file


With patience and practice, you could get good at this.

Can you determine magnitude?  YES
Can you determine epicenter?  YES
Can you determine depth?  YES

Just like downtown.


Step 5:
Finding nothing but noise is OK.

We should have many eyes working on this.  including professional  seismologists. There may not be anything there, but if there is, I hope one of us finds it!


Thank You For Your Time!

As we all realize with the passing of
Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer,
time is precious.
Spend it and share it well.

Join the Team

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