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Covelli Center January 11, 2012, 12 days AFTER the 4.0 magnitude earthquake that materialized $24 million damage to Meander Dam,  Mayor Samarone and Youngstown City Council invited all local state reps, ODNR oil and gas, ODNR Geological Survey (seismologists), and a thousand angry residents to find out:
Did the Northstar1 injection well cause 11 earthquakes in Youngstown?

We went to get answers.  What we got was the ODNR oil and gas dog and pony show.  Not exactly a waste of time.  ODNR admits they don't know what they are doing.  That's good to know.

This video is LONG and even more boring.  I picked out what little I felt was useful.  Nothing in this video gives excuse to ODNR.
The Ohio Department Of Natural Resources Divisions of Oil and Gas, and Geological Survey Failed in performing their due diligence in protecting the health and safety of the people in North East Ohio.

You can watch the whole 2 hour video or go to the times on the video listed with the segment selected below.  



The first pooch of the day is this 37 year old spunky wired haired terror named Tom. Tom Tomastik is the ODNR injection well specialists who permitted the Northstar1 well and denied any correlation to the 12 Youngstown earthquakes.
This meeting is 12 days after the 4.0 and this geologist is still in denial.
Tom spent his time wasting our time with a 6th grade science lesson, plus a civics lesson on State Law, ODNR primacy over local control.
Not Worth the Time.



Ohio Rep Bob Hagan spots the dog and pony show and asks that the presenters speak only 10 minutes or we may not have time for questions.
Worth Watching



Now for the ponies.
ODNR Geological Survey Max Swifford gave another 6th grade report on the history of earthquakes and the Ohio Seismic Network which  includes 26 volunteer seismometers.
 VOLUNTEER?  I would think that the Ohio Agency responsible for earthquakes in the state should have professional equipment operated by professionals like the seismologists that run this division.   Next pony up is Larry Wixom, Chief, Geological Survey ODNR.
At 34:00
"It is physically IMPOSSIBLE for us to induce enough pressure. down thru this little 7 or 8" pipe, to induce fractures all the way down 7,000 feet down, all the way up to the ground water."  
All of his time was wasted, except he was able to get in a story that included the word impossible, which could have been misunderstood by many.
After the November 25 event, these state scientists specializing in seismology get the bright idea to deploy portable seismometers around Northstar1.  If these guys were competent scientists, they would have deployed them way back in March, when Mahoning County suffered it's first ever earthquake. They do nothing for 8 months and 10 earthquakes but 1deny, 2deny, 3deny 4deny, 5deny, 6deny.



Bob Hagan scolds them again.  Tells some pretty scary facts about chemicals and then he says the hot potato, "RADIOACTIVITY".
So, click on the song and everybody dance.
Somebody wants the truth!
Hot Potato



Now entering the ring we have a beagle mix.  While not the most intelligent of breeds, they are certainly very obedient.  Meet
Dr. Jeffery Dick Head of Geology, YSU.
His Geology Dept. is partially funded by oil and gas.  Watch Dr. Dick pander to his sugar daddies.
He gave them exactly what they needed. Collaboration for 10 months of incompetence.
Dr. Dick Says:
"Mr Tomastik at ODNR- I already spoke at length with him, and I won't say much more.  HE basically has the best management practices for taking fluids from the earth and putting them basically where they came from."
Great collaboration.
"there is no correlation between earth quake activity and injection activity"  
There it is.
 Total collaboration.

"The information what we have is what we can use, and that's what geologists are burdened with, AVAILABLE INFORMATION AND MAKING INTERPETATIONS FROM IT.
Back on December 1st, we sited 4 seismic stations that would enable us to make much more detailed and accurate measurements of the earthquake activity.  This is an important step in determining the cause of this earthquake.  Just Yesterday, another seismometer was established at YSU.  This is a free axis accelerometer that will provide us additional information.  What we're trying to do here is get good quality information so we can figure out what is going on."

Dam if  he did not just admit that for 11 earthquakes and 10 months, he was just guessing.   Local elected officials were relying on his expert opinion, based on science, not guessing.
Why did YSU not spend some of the money they were granted by the oil and gas industry to purchase this equipment when Mahoning county recorded it's first ever earthquake 10 months earlier?   
I think the answer is in the question.



Ohio State
Senator Joe Schivone states he senses frustration from the crowd. The people want to know if that injection well caused the earthquakes, will we be learning this today?

We'll get to it.



Grand Puba
Ohio Oil and Gas Association
This Puba teaches us how to spell.
"It's fracking with a c, not a k.  If you are going to talk about it you should learn how to spell it."

FRACK Puba, with a K!



We have waited 10 months and endured 12 earthquakes, including a 4.0 magnitude quake that materialized $24 million damage to Meander Dam.

"I do want to say that the evidence thus far is compelling that this series of events was induced by this one injection well into a previously existing fault."

Remember this:
For 10 months and 12 earthquakes including the 4.0 and $24 million in materialized damage to Meander Dam, ODNR was studying this "Series of events" using seismometers from the Ohio Seismic Network.
(6th grade science class equipment used by 26 non-professionals in the state.  AND the closest non-professional unit was in Lake County.

NOW they purchase the professional equipment necessary to study the series of events, AFTER the events happen!!!
Good science never stood a chance because it was never used.

They were all guessing, and hoping.
$24 million in materialized damage to Meander Dam. 



Introducing the newly appointed ring master:
Rick Simmers
New Chief of Oil and Gas at ODNR.
(Toxic Toms New Boss)
Time has proven some of what he says here inaccurate.

Rick Simmers is the ODNR chief that shut down the AWMS injection well.



Bob Hagan asks "if the company that causes earthquake damage goes bankrupt, will the state pick up the tab?
Answer inaudible.
Hot Potato
Rick Simmers answer was wrong. The Ohio Department of Health disagrees with that mis-guiding statement. 

Bob Hagan summarizes what it's like to be
WE the people.


Important Facts Learned 

For 10 months and 12 earthquakes including the 4.0 and $24 million in materialized damage to Meander Dam, ODNR was studying this "Series of events" using seismometers from the Ohio Seismic Network.
(6th grade science class equipment used by 26 non-professionals in the state. AND the closest non-professional unit was in Ashtabula.
The same 10 months, ODNR claimed they see no correlation between the injection well and the earthquakes.

During the same 10 months, and even to the day of this forum, Dr. Jeffery Dick, Head of Geology at YSU collaborated the 10 month ODNR claim using the same equipment.  (His Geology Department is partially funded by oil and gas.)

I would like to conclude that the evidence thus far is compelling that $24million in damage to Meander Dam materialized after the 4.0 magnitude earthquake and that ODNR not only used the Mahoning valley as their science experiment, but they failed in using competent science.
This was not a competent science experiment, it was a guessing game.

ODNR owes the Mahoning Valley complete renovation to Meander Dam.
ODNR negligence and incompetence broke it. 

Incompetence at the state level is not funny!
This is:
Get Off The Couch


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