AWMS Injection Well:
10 Years of Worries

Worries from day 1.
Just a few days after the 4.0 magnitude earthquake caused by a toxic frack waste injection well in Youngstown, AWMS applied for a permit to build a toxic frack waste injection well 7.1 miles from the Youngstown quake maker in Weathersfield Twp.  The State had a moratorium allowing no injection wells within 7 miles of the Youngstown quake maker.
AWMS PROCEEDED ANWAY!  (AWMS injection well Application)

Prior to the 4.0 Youngstown earthquake, Meander dam was in need of $4 million in repairs.  After the 4.0 Youngstown earthquake, the repair estimates grew to $28 million.
The AWMS toxic frack waste injection well is only 2.8 miles from Meander dam!

Prior to the permit, Weatherdfield Twp Trustees BANNED Injection wells in the township.  Niles City Council did the same.  Protecting the health and safety of the people was their #1 concern.  Soon after, Tom Tomastic, the ODNR cheif in charge of Underground Injection Control (UIC) permitted it anyway.
 Tom Tomastic is the same Tom Tomastic that denied ANY correlation between the Youngstown injection well and the 8 earthquakes it produced.  Even after his permitted Youngstown Injection well caused a 4.0 earthquake, and the damage to Meander Dam mysteriously rose from $4 million to $28 million, Toxic Tom permitted the AWMS injection well less than 3 miles from our dam.  AWMS PROCEEDED.  Shortly after, Toxic Tom resigned from ODNR to take a job in Oklahoma, where they too have many injection well induced earthquakes to deny. ( AWMS Permit) 

Pardon my contempt for this system.   A paper pushing, desk jockey geologist in Columbus DISREGAURED the decisions of our local elected officials to protect public safety.  Tom Tomastic was hired by the people of Ohio to regulate injection well corporations in the best interest of the people of Ohio.  Toxic Tom never denied a single permit.  Who was he working for?   Contemptuous people protest.  We did. (Protest Story)

More pressure, more profits.
AWMS, after just a few months of operation, sent a request to ODNR asking permission to increase their injection pressures.  Knowing that such an increase in pressure is what was suspect in causing the Youngstown 4.0 magnitude earthquake, I went to Niles city council and Weathersfield Twp trustee meetings and expressed my concerns.  I asked them to call ODNR to oppose this permission.  I don't know if they made any calls or not, because ODNR permitted the increase and AWMS PROCEEDED.  A few days later, AWMS began making earthquakes of their own. (More Pressure Permit)

Our numbers don't match.
 AWMS has seismic equipment on site to record earthquakes. This is proprietary equipment and AWMS will not share the data with the public.  AWMS and ODNR (Ohio oil and gas regulators) counted 2 earthquakes created by the AWMS injection well. The seismology center at Miami University, under Seismologist Professor Skoumal, counted 108!
(Rays Numbers)

Finally, Rick Simmers, then chief of oil and gas at ODNR shut it down.
Our worries are over!


AWMS Appeals to the Courts. 

First, AWMS appealed the ODNR decision to the Ohio Oil and Gas Commission.  AWMS took the position that Rick Simmers shut down the well too early, and should allow AWMS to restart the injection well under a "re-start plan"  submitted by AWMS and agreed upon by ODNR.
ODNR Response: "The science in the plan is weak, and the health and safety of people in Weathersfield should not be subject to an AWMS science experiment". Rick Simmers, Oil and Gas Chief, ODNR
Oil & Gas Commission Ruling:  ODNR wins.  The well remains shut down.


 Again, and again, and again.

NEXT: Appeal to the Ohio Appellate Court. AWMS contended that ODNR did not rule or even respond appropriately to their restart safety plan.
UNBELIEVABLE! AWMS won and is permitted to restart well.
(Evacuation Plan Anyone?)

Then: ODNR appealed the appellate court ruling for a stay of the chiefs order, and won. Woe! That was close! It's not over yet, AWMS proceeds.

Next: Ohio Supreme Court. AWMS contends that since the state shut down their business, the state essentially took it. This now became a "takings case" where AWMS demands compensation for the "taking".
AWMS WON! The supreme Court sent the case back to the appellate court to assess the damages owed to AWMS. This will cost tax payers $millions.

Next: Back to the appellate court. Compensation for the takings plus  AWMS is proposing to raise the shut down Earthquake threshold to 3.0 magnitude!
Again, unbelievable!
AWMS is DENIED the raise in earthquake shut down threshold.

Will AWMS restart the well and pump using the experimental Traffic Light System until they produce an earthquake of 2.1 magnitude?
Will Ohio Courts permit it? 
 I think they will.

October 25,2022:  Warren Tribune, Ed Runyan Reporter
"Well company looks to sink ODNR ruling."
They will  never give up.  Report



Can Meander Dam withstand another 4.0 magnitude earthquake?
Probably, maybe not.

What effect will 457  1.7 - 2.0 earthquakes have on Meander Dam?  AWMS could produce that many in 5 - 6 weeks!

The AWMS injection well earthquakes are not the only potential destroyer of Meander Dam.


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