Meander Dam Damage

In 2011, this 80 year old Meander Dam was in need of $4 million in repairs for normal wear and tear.
After the 4.0 Youngstown earthquake those repairs skyrocketed to $28 million.  Did the earthquake cause the damage?  MVSD spent BIG BUCKS to find out.  Current estimates are now $50 million.


MS Consultants study the cracks in the new addition to the filter building. 

June 2012

FULL STUDY HERE: Go to page 50 to read the MS Consultants study.
MS Consultants conclusion:

"We believe the primary cause of the cracks is probably the result of  settlement of the existing fill beneath the building.  Although the cracks may have existed prior to the earthquake of December 31, 2011, it is also possible that the 4.0 magnitude earthquake may have aggravated the severity and/or extent of the cracking, and the cracks became more noticeable."
The Obvious Becomes Questionable.

So, because the cracks were not noticed by the MVSD workers until after the earthquakes, they could have been there all along.  If they were there all along, then it is probable that the earthquake could not have caused what was already damaged.

What kind of logic is that?



January 2017  5 Years later:

See the damage in this report.
FULL STUDY HERE: The current observations support the conclusions contained in ms consultants, Inc.’s report dated June 2012 that the primary cause of the cracks in Building 19 Filter Building addition is settlement, which may have been potentially aggravated by the earthquake activity reported in 2011.

OK already, the cracks in the filter building addition were caused by settlement of fill materials.  What about the cracks to other buildings?
The only recommendation given is this:  "Building 21 – Administration Building: Remove mortar from joints along several of the horizontal cracks that have developed between windows and doors and investigate the cause of the cracking."

There is no disagreement to whether the dam is safe just sitting there, but what would a 4.1 magnitude earthquake do to the dam?
A 4.1 magnitude earthquake is twice as powerful as a 4.0 magnitude earthquake.   Two times the power. 



Seepage & Slippage

Seepage through the dam body or through its foundation may lead to piping is the progressive erosion and subsequent removal of the soil grains from within the body of the dam or the foundation of the dam. Sloughing is the progressive removal of soil from the wet downstream face. More than 1/3rd of the earth dams have failed because of these reasons.

What effect will small earthquakes have on the dam foundation?  We may be expecting many, even thousands in the near future.

Tribune Chronicle
MINERAL RIDGE — “Considerable” dam slippage, concrete separation and cracks at the Meander Dam led the board president of the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District to seek help from oversight agencies and a state lawmaker in 2014 and 2016.


What if the Union Workers at Meander were right and the cracks in the buildings and dam were NOT there before the Youngstown 4.0 earthquake?

What if the AWMS science experiment FAILS?

What if we were not ready for a catastrophic failure of  Meander Dam?

We are not ready!


Later may be too late.

What Did The Youngstown 4.0 Earthquake Look Like?

Youngstown residents recorded this while training their cat.
Another video was recorded in Cleveland in 2019.
4.0 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts People In Cleveland Area : NPR

Dam Music Videos


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