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The Meander Dam Evacuation Plan 

In the event of a collapse of Meander Dam, would the current evacuation plan help people living in harms way know what to do, where to go and when?

Meander Dam has been safe for 90 years.
Why do we need an evacuation plan now?
What are the 4 main causes of dam collapse?


1. Probable Maximum Flood

The monsoonal rains that summers have produced in recent years is alarming.  If it were to rain 19" in 24 hours, the dam would not be structurally sound.
All people who believe that our climate is changing  may panic now, or wait for the rainy season.
Listen to Meander Engineers!  If you don't believe in science, don't waste the 3 minutes.

The Business Journal interview with Meander Water Engineers.
3 minutes of great!


2. Seepage and Slippage

Seepage through the dam body or through its foundation may lead to piping is the progressive erosion and subsequent removal of the soil grains from within the body of the dam or the foundation of the dam. Sloughing is the progressive removal of soil from the wet downstream face. More than 1/3rd of the earth dams have failed because of these reasons.

Tribune Chronicle
MINERAL RIDGE — “Considerable” dam slippage, concrete separation and cracks at the Meander Dam led the board president of the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District to seek help from oversight agencies and a state lawmaker in 2014 and 2016.
(Read Article Here)



"The Hot Potato "
The word earthquake strikes a nerve of fear in people, especially those that felt the 4.0 jolter.

An extra $24 million in damage to Meander Dam was realized after the Youngstown 4.0 magnitude earthquake.


4. Collapse During Renovation

It happens.



All 4 of these conditions are a concern for Meander Dam.  
All 4!

September 5, 2014: The AWMS injection well was shut down by ODNR for causing earthquakes and concern for Meander Dam.  AWMS appealed to the courts and on December 23, 2017 the judge ruled AWMS may re-open the well.  On January 3, 2017: I attended the Weathersfield Trustees meeting and spoke of the danger and asked that they look into an evacuation plan for those residents in harms way. On January 4, 2017, I went to Niles city council. (Read the minutes) 2 weeks later, Niles City Council was addressed again.  I was told they read my email and there was no reason for me to speak this day.  Nothing was going to happen.  I went into panic mode.  I printed HUNDREDS of the Danger Cards and Frackfree Mahoning Members helped distribute them to nearly EVERY home on the south side of Niles.  It induced unintentional hysteria.  (Story here) 
A few weeks later another judge sided with ODNR and they have been shut down since.
Trumbull Emergency Management Agency did update the Emergency Action Plan.  


Weathersfield Township Trustees organized meeting a with Trumbull County government to organize for quake readiness.  This was a great first step, but the outcome was outdated.  Read the full TribToday story.      
They dusted off the old plan.  This plan needs to be read by every public official, especially if the people they represent live or work in harms way.
This plan explains what local officials are expected to do. I hope they would read it and ask these questions:
1. Is this how this works?
 2. How well do you think it will work?

pic  EBS

Current Meander Dam 
Emergency Action Plan

This is how the current Emergency Action Plan works:
The Meander Dam Chief Engineer telephones many people including Trumbull County EMS, who then notifies the media to send out alerts.  The people living in harms way are supposed to see this and get out of Dodge.  What if: They don't like TV?  
The TV was not on?  
The evacuation show comes on at 1:47am?  
What if a family of 5 does not realize they are living in harms way?

Meander Dam was built in the 1930's.  
This system was designed for 1967.
Modern technology has now made it possible for the Chief Engineer to make 1 call to inform EVERYONE in his calling plan and the public at the same time.
It's called a cell phone app.
It could look something like this:


Condition OK

Not really.  Until Meander Dam is repaired, everyone living in harms way should be prepared to evacuate in the unlikely  event of a Dam failure.

This section could include instructions on how to prepare and which way to run.


Condition Alert

Problems during construction, periods of heavy sustained rains, earthquakes,.. are all conditions that threaten the dam, and the public should be alerted to these situations.


Alert Your Neighbors

Some people do not have cell phones that can play apps.  Please make sure your neighbors are aware and preparing themselves as well.



Don't Panic.  You already read the evacuation instructions and you know exactly where to go.
Get Out Now!!!

The Chief Engineer only had to make 1 call to notify thousands, including public officials.

pic  Tom Tomastik Pants On Fire

First we make the people safe,

then we hold the State of Ohio and The Ohio Department of Natural Resources accountable for damages at Meander Water.  The  incompetence of Ohio's regulating scientists charged with public health and safety is staggering.
Ohio Broke It.
Ohio Can Fix It!

Ohio Broke It.

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